Painless Photography !

Do you fear having your picture taken? Is it stopping you from updating your Headshot? This fear is holding back your evolution. You must show people that you are confident in what you do and that you are approachable. 

What’s really holding you back?

  • Time:  30-60 mins for a basic session

  • Cost:  As low as $99. ( When joined with 3 or more friends, coworkers or teammates. 

  • Fear of results: Check samples on the photographers website and social media to see what you can expect. 

  • Fear of camera: Your photographer should help you to feel comfortable in front of the camera. I will Work with you to help you relax and guide you to your most confident and approachable images. 

  • Don’t know what to do : I will assist you from start to finish on; what to wear; how to prepare; posing; facial expressions; selecting your favorites from the session. 

  • Don’t think you need it :   In this internet world you will be judged by your online presence, let’s make sure you are leaving an unforgettable impression.  I look forward to capturing your best possible images.

Contact me to schedule your session.

Let’s show the world you’re ready for 2019 !!