When is it time to Take New Headshots?

If you are using a selfie for your profile or did you cropped someone out of a picture because you liked that photo of yourself and you usually don’t like yourself in pictures?  It's Definitely Time !!!

As a general rule, every year or 2 should be fine.  If you still look like your headshot it should be okay.

  1. Changed your hair: You have a different hair style or your old hair style is outdated.
  2. You have noticeable changes to your appearance:  If you’ve had plastic surgery or lost or gained a significant amount of weight. 

  3. You have aged: It is unprofessional to lie about your age in your headshot. So, if you don’t look like your headshot…  It’s time.

  4. Fashion trends change: Don’t wear something too seasonal or trendy. If your clothing feels outdated, it’s time for an update. 

  5. Headshot trend shifts: At one time black and white headshots were popular. If you present a black and white shot today, it may seem as if you haven’t had your headshots updated since 2005. If you’ll be using your headshot online, your image will show up for them as small thumbnail image. You may want your main picture with a tighter crop on the face so that the eyes can be easier seen easier. A three-quarters shot won’t stand out as much in an online gallery of headshots.

  6. Your old shots don’t represent the real you: Do your headshots represent your personality and physicality, or are they just generic pretty shots? 

  7. Your old headshots are unprofessional: Do your shots make you look inexperienced and like you didn’t invest in yourself? Who would take you seriously if you haven’t invested the time and money to present yourself as serious and professional?


Tips&Advice — A Better Headshot

For my first blog post on this site, I'll begin with a little advice on how to get the best possible images out of your session.

  1. Start with your photographer - Make sure you like their work;  the angles, the colors and the expressions that they capture in their images.  Make sure they understand what you want.
  2. Make sure that you are well rested.
  3. Drink more water
  4. Make sure your wardrobe compliment the look you want and are not to busy or trendy.
  5. Make sure your clothes are clean and wrinkle-free

If you have a couple of minutes, 6 to be exact, here's a video i found that offers some great advice on preparing for a headshot session.

Source: http://www.betterheadshots.miami/tipsadvice/